Precise lines alternating with soft volumes characterize this garment in which converge the oriental inspiration of trousers and cardigans and the contemporary mood of both long and short dresses.

The transformations are possible thanks to an inner elastic belt that supports the dress and allows you to adjust the waist and chest circumference.

The variety of shapes of the neckline and lengths on the sides make this “sleeveless” a useful basic to be combined with many outfits. It is worn over and under the coat and just rotate it to change shape and color.

A coordinate magnet makes it possible to close and lock the neck while a double-face belt can vary its fit, slim or trapezium.

A dress characterized by great versatility. The volumes are soft, the shapes are clean and it can be considered a dress for the 4 seasons.

With fast movements, You can shift from the elegance of the long dress to different forms of midi dress with and without sleeves.

A tubular dress with many possibilities. From the scarf to the twin set through sheath dresses and one-shoulder dress. It is reversible and this makes it very useful for travel.

It is a 50s-style dress, with an asymmetric skirt and defined waistline, bell-shaped cuffs and a ring neckline.

The asymmetrical dress can be worn short or long on the front.

Easy to transform and suitable fot everyday use the Pantacappa offers 3 wearability. It is worn like a cape with an opening for hands with zippers hidden under the two front folds, or as a skirt with two different styles, positioning the label on the belly or on the back.

A rectangle dress with buttons placed on the edges to create various looks.

The soft double face jacket can enrich a basic outfit for the office, the shawl is a useful variation, the stole with holes for arms and finally the charming shirt. All in two colors, white and black.

A patchwork of fine men’s fashion fabrics for a wide-waisted vest with belt. It turns, flips and changes its shapes.

An accessory with many facets, changes shape, function and color. It is a neck warmer, a rounded collar to wear over dresses, jackets and coats to give you a sophisticated touch. It sturn into a warm turban in three color variations.

A shaped and reversible ring allows more uses. It can cover cervical and ears on colder days or the neckline of sweaters and coats like a triangle scarf.